Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is the second xmas quilt I quilted with just simple meandering...It is now waiting to go to a special little boy..

Shows the back of Dora and the simple meandering I did.

Dora Quilt

This is one of my xmas gifts I made. I call it another D word other than Dora. This is the one I had trouble with. First quilt on my Tin Lizzie, stitch tenson was awful and I didn't notice really cause it was on the bottom. But about 3/4 quilted I decide to check the bottom and well it was a froggin I was going...This quilt was a huge learning curve for me, but it is done and is waiting to be delivered to a special little girl

Dora Quilt

This is what I call my Demon is the one which I had to frog 3/4 after I started to quilt on my long arm. When had little holes in it and had to fix...I'm happy to say it is now completely quilted and is waiting to move on to it's owner