Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Done Done Done

As some of you may or may not in Saskatchewan, Canada, this year we had a record amount of rain which really made seeding and growing and harvest, one that most won't soon forget.

Well as of Friday 22nd of October 2010 at 11:49pm we finished harvest. Saturday was a beautiful crisp sunny day and all machinery was brought back to the yard. What a sweet sound to hear the final key shut off on the combine and swather. As we all sat on the end gates of our trucks and sipped on our beers we all said this season was a season from hell...we did 7weeks of work in 3weeks...there was no sleeping, and even though there was plenty of meals and lunches made everyone lost weight...there was more break-downs than we care to think about...

Today it is raining, and they are predicting freezing rain/snow for tomorrow...even though there is some field work left, like banding and fertilizing, we just have this big sigh of relief.

I would like to take this time to send out the biggest hug and thanks to my youngest son who came and helped us and basically kept us going as he was swathing ahead of the combine and did the most perfect swathing job any of us have ever seen....for putting up with all the demands that were put on him and the long unexpected hours he put was sooooo greatly appreciated, more than words alone could not express....Thanks bud for everything you did for us....hugs and kisses

Accu Quilt Giveaway Now until November 5, 2010

Wow another giveaway peoples.....whew sooooo many lately...but this one is for the Accuquilt Cut....and 3 dies...sooooo cool, but sheesh try and just pick 3 dies....but I did manage to narrow it down...ok now hurray on over to
and join in the fun....take some time to browse around Micki's blog as it is wonderful....Love the music......

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another blog giveaway


Sooooo here is another great great giveaway....go on over and check it out at or just click above on the heading....
Good luck everyone.....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall - Into - Fall Give Away

AND THE WINNER IS..............VICKIE FROM congrats Vickie....Vickie has been emailed and I'm awaiting for her to respond with her snail mail....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who played along and who participated in this great giveaway...I wish everyone could have won....I had great fun being involved in this giveaway as it felt like a pay it forward for me...I hope you all had fun while surfing all the wonderful was great fun for me and the diversity in which people blog was both enjoyable reads and lots of tips/tricks and lesson in not only quilting but life...WONDERFUL I SAY JUST WONDERFUL....THANKS DEBI FOR HOLDING THIS GIVEAWAY...GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK EACH AND EVERYONE FOR ENTERING AND TO THOSE WHO HAVE BECOME FOLLOWERS AND OR BOOKED MARKED MY BLOG....I have enjoyed being apart of this Fall Giveaway and may have my very own give away sometime in the new year...

Looks like the rotary cutter is winning hands down for the most favorite tool...

So are you ready for all the fun ...whoohooo here is what I'm giving away: 1 meter of each of the three fabrics think Christmas
                         and the 4-Patch Stacked Posies Pattern

OK, so here are the rules simple really,leave me a comment about you favorite quilting tool or become a follower...see told you simple....I welcome international visitors....
1) leave a comment about your favorite quilting tool (gives you 1 entry) or
2) Become a follower (gives you 2 entries)
Give away ends Oct 14, 2010
Only comments on this post will count

Please remember to leave your email address so I may contact you. If you don't leave me your email address your entries won't count and make sure you remember to answer the question . Once the winner has been selected, you will be contacted by email. Don't forget to keep your eye on your junk mail as I'm probably not in you address book. Check back on Oct 15, 2010 when I will announce the winner.  Have great fun and good luck to all

Remember check out all the other blogger's who are participating by clicking here:    Fall-Into-Fall Giveaway
Please note that although I would love to respond to everyone's comments we are in the middle of harvest and my computer and sewing time has pretty much come to a halt.