Monday, March 22, 2010

What I've done since January 1, 2010

Well this is my second post since creating a blog....please bare with me as I manuver my way through on how to set up and use this blog....

As some of you know, I was really sick from October until late December. On my good days I managed to work on 2 xmas gift quilts and completed them. They were delivered for xmas, they were the star quilt and Dora quilt.

I had promised 2 other quilts that were going to be twin sizes, but was unable to do I was feeling better starting in Jan.2010 so I decided that on my good days I would start to cut for both quilts as the twin girls were willing to wait. So that is what I bear in mind we were also booked for a trip to Hawaii on the 23rd of January and we still weren't sure if I would get the clearance from my doctor to this did not leave me much time to make both of these quilts....well I'm happy to say that both quilts were completed and delivered on the 22nd of Jan and along with that, I received the ok to fly....whew talk about rushing and still not feeling a 100%. I even had to still pack for the trip the night before...
So enjoy what I have completed for January 2010. All these quilts were quilted by me on my new longarm so there is plenty of room for improvement but I'm enjoying the learning process.

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