Friday, July 2, 2010

Ok Ok....can anyone procrastinate as bad as I do???  I have all the material to make this quilt that has to be done by Sept/10 and have changed my mind soo many times on which pattern to use.... then I see a certain block in a setting and I run off to my EQ program and redesign and there you have it....yet another quilt designed and nothing started...sheeish.....I mean really, I have another 2 quilts that have to be made by end of November also....These aren't small quilts were talkin about they are all around the 84x84in size....Oh pleasssssssssse someone kick my butt into gear......


  1. I promise to kick it in a little bit....:}

  2. FOCUS!

    That's what my DH ALWAYS tells me. 8-( I hate to admit it, he's right. Changing directions wastes time, and ENERGY also. Just don't GO there - wherever you go that gets you sidetracked, stay off the computer quilt programs and ...

    Hey, this post is one month old! Maybe you ARE focussing and NOT procrastinating???