Friday, September 17, 2010

Sewing Curves

Aw yes those pesky curves..boy what a challenge it was but, I did it....only after I watched and re-watched Elisa Wilson's's nothing special just a simple table runner made with 5" charms...yeppers, Elisa's 3 1/2" template works just dandy with charms...She has alot more different sizes and shapes of templates and books also.....Go on over and check her site out...she also has helpful videos to...I love her site and always refer back to her video's before I tackle one of her templates......I have site listed in my tutorial section it is


  1. I like this! I have wanted to try curves/circles like these. Haven't got up the nerve yet.

  2. love love love this! i have a template to make a quilt similar, i really must get it done!